Cousinhood – a full of romantism comedy, starting November 18th in cinema

Bucharest, 16th of November, 2011  –  Transilvania Film releases in mid November in romanian theaters, a very catchy romantic comedy: Cousinhood | Primos. a film by Daniel Sanchez Arevalo.

Diego’s fiancee dumped him five days before their planned wedding.
What’s a guy to do?
Show up at the church anyway, hoping she’ll change her mind in the
last minute
Get wasted and bitch about how much life sucks.
Try to win back his first love.
All the above.

„I think that Cousinhood is the most straightforward of my films because it is the least intricate – easy to watch yet not simple. I’m not saying that it’s the best (I was never good at choosing between mom and dad), I just think that, of my films, Cousinhood is the one in which the end result is closest to the original intention. Although, to be honest, I feel awkward about talking about end results and even more in this particular case because Cousinhood is a film made for the audience. It is a bright and optimistic comedy far away from the pesimism and fatalism that envelops us. The end result is yet to be seen. Up to now, I always used to measure success in relation to my degree of satisfaction with the end result. In this case, success will be determined by the audience’s response. I will be satisfied if moviegoers leave the theatre feeling a little bit better than when they walked in. My intention is to entertain, to elicit emotions and to transmit good vibes in times of uncertainty and crisis.”, states the director.

The film was screened at the 10th Edition of Transilvania International Film Festival.

„Cousinhood is a film about mirrors. The three cousins discover their real
selves when they see their reflection in the eyes of others. Their goal is to
try, by all means possible, to redeem those others, to free them.
Because, if they manage to save the person in front of them, they will
save themselves.” – Daniel Sanchez Arevalo.


The promotion partners are: Radio Guerrilla, Cinemagia, Cinefan, Film Reporter, Metropotam, HipMag, B365, Filme Tari, Kamikaze, Trailero, Institutul Cervantes, Joy Magasine. 

The movie will be screened in it’s release week in Bucharest at Cinema City Cotroceni and in Constanţa at Cityplex.

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