Amador – Starting November, 4th in cinema

Bucharest, November, 1st  –  Transilvania Film releases in theaters, starting 4th of November the spanish movie Amador, directed by Fernando Leon de Aranoa.

The film could be seen this year in Romania in an extraordinary preview at the 10th Edition of Transilvania International Film Festival. The movie was screened in the presence of the director, in 3×3 Section of the festival, also with Mondays in the Sun / Los Lunes al Sol and Familia.

“Amador” is mainly about life, how sometimes even death isn’t enough to stop it. Every decision made is made in life’s name. It’s the story’s true protagonist: its motor, its beginning and its end, its necessity.
I mean life with its mix of hope and guilt, pain and need. Life that cries at weddings and laughs at funerals, confusing joy and pain”, said the director during his press conference in Cluj.

Marcela, a young woman with financial troubles, finds a summer job looking after Amador, a bed-ridden elderly man whose family is away. She thinks her problems are solved, but Amador dies shortly thereafter, putting Marcela in a predicament. His death leaves her jobless, something she can’t afford to let happen… Faced with a difficult moral dilemma, Marcela will prove that death can’t always stop life.

I was driven to make this film because I’m convinced that what happens in it could be happening right now, in any neighborhood of any city. There must be a woman out there somewhere faced with a difficult decision, forced by the circumstances. Her name might not be Marcela, but she’s the same woman.

The film attends an ethical debate between what we are and what circumstances force us to be. Between shame and dignity. 

Through the course of this story Marcela will discover that we are, most definitely, the decisions we make. And the hard part isn’t making them. The hard part is living with them, adds Aranoa.


The promotion partners are: Radio Guerrilla, Cinemagia, Cinefan, Film Reporter, Metropotam, Filme Tari, HipMag, Kamikaze, B365, Institutul Cervantes.

The film will be screened in it’s first week in Bucharest at NCRR and Brasov at Cityplex.

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