Bucharest, September 14th. Transilvania Film realeses in theaters one of the last films with Guillaume Depardieu, the well known french actor – Gerard Depardieu’s sun. A Real Life | Au Voleur is the debut feature of Sarah Leonor, selected in the official competition of Locarno International Film Festival.  

Isabelle and Bruno live in the suburbs of a small city, in an area defined only by the noise of the trains to or from the city, of cars preparing to enter the highway and by ruins of a former urban area, once prosperous. Here no one ever stops.

The two find their own ways to adapt to the overwhelming environment. Bruno (Guillaume Depardieu) uses his experience to brake into wealthy men houses where he stills with confidence, not to have a careless life, but to survive. Although she went to university, Isabelle (Florence Loiret Caille), comes from the same world as Bruno. The day  the police almost get him, Bruno runs away takeing Isabelle with him in the woods, where the two hide and love eachother, in a last attempt to stay away from the world’s violence.

The end of the movie is open, Guillaume Depardieu’s death inevitably conceeds an unfortunate interpretation: „For Bruno, as a free man, free of society’s rules, dying or surviving in prison is the same thing: it is all over for him. Yet, as he says in the movie, <it’s all part of the game>. Guillaume was very attached to the idea that Bruno’s death could convey a certain conception of freedom and a rebellion against an established order. He has always wished to personify some kind of rebellion, the kind that never surrenders, the kind that leaves something behind. I hope this is his case also.” says Sarah Leonor.


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A Real Life will be screened in it’s firts week in Bucharest at Hollywood Multiplex and Cityplex.

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