The Illusionist- Best European animation

Sylvain Chomet’s L’illusionniste, launched on December 3 in theaters in Romania, was awarded the European Film Academy Award for best animated film. The announcement was made during the awards gala, held on December 4 in Tallinn, Estonia.
The European Film Academy Awards are considered the European version of the Oscars. Trophy winners were elected by secret ballot by over 2,000 European film industry professionals, members of the Academy.

L’illusionniste is written and directed by Sylvain Chomet, the author of Les triplettes de Belleville,  on a script signed by Jacques Tati, and tells the moving story of an elderly magician, forced to wander the world in search of an audience to appreciate the old-fashioned numbers. During a show on an island on the west coast of Scotland, the illusionist meets Alice, a young woman who will change his life.

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