The Human Resources Manager – in theaters around Romania

Transilvania Film launched, on Friday evening, in cinemas, the Romanian – Israeli co production The Human Resources Manager, the most recent movie of the well known Israeli director Eran Riklis.

The Gala screening of the movie took place at the Studio Cinema in Bucharest. The event had special guests: the director Eran Riklis, the Romanian producer Tudor Giurgiu, and the Romanian actors Irina Petrescu, Bogdan Stanoevici, Papil Panduru and Rudy Rosenfeld. After the Gala screening, the team of the movie was applauded.

In the first week, The Human Resources Manager will be screened at Studio Cinema and Hollywood Multiplex Cinema in Bucharest. Afterwards, the movie will screen in cinemas from Bucharest, Brasov, Constanta, Iasi, Cluj Napoca, Timisoara and Craiova.

The movie is a tragicomedy filmed in Romania and Israel in the fall of 2009, from a story based on a novel by Abraham B. Yehoshua. The Human Resources Manager is the epic journey of a man, who travels from a Jerusalem dominated by terror and violence, to a small corner of Eastern Europe, all just to give the dignity to a woman that he never knew.

„We all have a mission in life. And if we don’t – we should always strive for one. I guess mine is to try and highlight people’s lives, track changes in society, observe old and new trends, take a hard yet loving look at people’s hearts and minds, put a mirror to our face, suggest new or alternative options to traditions and fixed, static states of mind. My mission is to make films”, says the director, Eran Riklis.


The Human Resources Manager won five awards at the Ophir Awards, considered Israel’s Oscars: Best Movie, Best Directing, Best Script, Best actress in a secondary role (Rosina Cambos) and Best Music.

Also, the movie won the Audience Award at the Locarno Film Festival.

The movie is a co production between 2TeamProductions (Israel), Pallas Film (Germany), EZ Films (France) and Hai-Hui Entertainment (Romania).

Director Eran Riklis was born in Jerusalem in 1954 and grew up in Canada, USA, Brasil and Israel. He is a Graduate of The National Film School, Beaconsfield, England. Mr. Riklis directed over 300 commercials, promos and corporate videos, many TV dramas and TV series, and directed and produced 9 feature films, including Lemon Tree (2008 Berlin International Film Festival Audience Award), The Syrian Bride (Montreal Grand Prix, Public, Fipresci & Ecumenical Awards, Locarno Public Award, Ghent Public and script Awards, Bastia Best actor, Script and Jury Awards, Auxerre Grand Prix), Vulcan Junction (1999 Haifa Best Film Award) and Cup Final (participated in Berlin and Venice, won prizes in Salerno, Valencia, Montpellier).

Mr. Riklis is directing now in Germany his next feature film, Playoff.

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