DOGS wins Transilvania Trophy!

‘Dogs’ by Romanian film director Bogdan Mirica is the winner of the official competition of this year’s Transylvania International Film Festival TIFF. Minister of Culture Corina Suteu, who presented Mirica with the Transylvania Trophy at the TIFF Closing Gala on Saturday night, said that ‘Dogs’ reveals „real talent and is highly impressive because it is also a film of art.”

Director Bogdan Mirica thanked his parents for allowing him to ramble freely and not constraining him in certain respects, that they let him experience mistakes, sometimes confusion, change his life path even at the age of 30, because this kind of freedom led him to the movie that earned him the TIFF trophy and the 15,000 euro prize.”I think this kind of creative freedom has influenced and shaped me to a certain extent,” Mirica said in the acceptance speech. ‘Dogs’ was the only Romanian film in this year’s TIFF competition.

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Dogs will have its official premiere in Romanian cinemas on September 23rd. 

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