The Violin Teacher

Director Sergio Machado
Year 2015
Genre Drama, Muzica
Cast Lazaro Ramos, Sandra Corveloni, Tais Araujo �
Country Brazil
Premii -
The violinist Laerte is forced to teach music in a public school in Heliopolis, the biggest and most violent slum of São Paulo. The instruments are precarious and the environment is hostile, but two boys distinguish for their special talent: Samuel, who is determined and has discipline, and VR, a troublemaker who’s involved in a credit card forgery scheme. Laerte experiences himself the brutal reality and is forced to compose with drug dealers. Little by little he is able to gain the trust of the students and the community while he starts to give classes in a less conventional way. While teaching, Laerte starts to regain the pleasure of playing and to build a relationship with his students.