Tanta Agua

Director Ana Guevara Pose, Leticia Jorge Romero
Year 2013
Genre Comedy
Cast Malú Chouza, Néstor Guzzini, Joaquín Castiglioni
Country Uruguay, Mexico, Netherlands, Germany
Premii -
Disgruntled teenager Lucía has to spend a week's holiday with her divorced father, Alberto. She doesn't like his constantly commandeering tone and, to make things worse, a massive thunderstorm at the resort means that the pool is closed for safety reasons. Whilst her brother spends time with Alberto, shy Lucía drifts into a more exciting world. It's not long before she meets a cute guy named Santiago who at first gallantly chauffeurs her on his moped before talking her into a night out in the small town - a night out that doesn't exactly end as Lucía had hoped..