Ronal the Barbarian

Director Kresten Vestbjerg Andersen, Thorbjørn Christoffersen, Philip Einstein Lipski
Year 2011
Genre Animation
Cast Anders Juul,
Country Denmark
Premii -
In a world of skull-paved streets and oil-smeared muscles, Ronal - the only living barbarian with no muscle at all, must set out on the greatest mission of all time. He's got to save his village from the evil, psychopathic prince Volcazar who wants to dominate the world. For assistance, Ronal the Barbarian, has a horny overweight lute player - Alibert, Zandra - an overly violent woman warrior, as well as Elric - the cheapest metrosexual elven in the business. It turns out to be an unparalleled mission – through barrages of Orcs, Amazons, and latex-clad flying lizards. May the oily gods help his soul!