Life in a Day

Director Kevin Macdonald, Joseph Michael
Year 2011
Genre Documentary
Cast Cindy Baer, Caryn Waechter, Hiroaki Aikawa, Drake Shannon
Country USA
Premii -
Life in a Day is a documentary film project born out of a partnership between YouTube and Ridley Scott Associates, announced on July 6, 2010. Users from all over the world [140 nations] sent videos of themselves on 24th of July, 2010. Then Ridley Scott [also known for Hannibal, Gladiator, Thelma & Louise, Robin Hood – director and producer] edited more than 4500 hours of footage into a film with director Kevin Macdonald and film editor Joe Walker. Life in a Day is the closest we humans will ever be together” – Rush Pathak - TWITTER “Best. Day. Ever.” – THE ECONOMIST “A terrific cinematic experience… An hour and a half of happiness” – LITTLEWHITELIES.CO.UK “A thrilling piece of cinema” – THE TIMES Life in a Day is a remarkable, emotional and an inspiring film full of life” – IMDB “It is probably the best film I have seen this year - quite a masterpiece of experimental film making. If you only see one movie this year, make it this one.” – IMDB USER
[140 nations]