Director Aleksandr Sokurov
Year 2011
Genre Drama
Cast Johannes Zeiler, Anton Adasinsky, Isolda Dychauk
Country Russia
Premii -
Sokurov’s Faust is not a film adaptation of Goethe’s tragedy in the usual sense, but a reading of what remains between the lines. What is the colour of a world that gives rise to colossal ideas? What does it smell like? It is stuffy in Faust’s world: earthshaking plans are born in the cramped space where he scurries about. He is a thinker, a mouthpiece for ideas, a transmitter of words, a schemer, a daydreamer. An anonymous man driven by simple instincts: hunger, greed, lust. An unhappy, hounded creature that issues a challenge to Goethe’sFaust. Why stay in the moment if one can go further? Further and further, pressing forward – not noticing that time stands still. And you shall pass, too.