Different mothers

Director Mihai Ionescu, Tiberiu Iordan
Year 2010
Genre Drama
Cast Marius Cordoş, Gabriel Patru, Robert Radoveneanu, Mihai Baranga, Silviu Geamanu
Country Romania
Premii -
“Different Mothers” is based on a true story that happened to polish movie director Krysztof Kieslowski during the filming Dworzec / Station (1981) in which some of his footage was nearly used as evidence in a criminal case. Kieslowski later said that he abandoned documentary film making due, in part, to this incident and he realized that fiction films not only allowed more artistic freedom, but could portray everyday life truthfully. Inspired by this incident, in the film “Different Mothers”, five young men go to a “Station” to film a documentary about “people waiting”. Deciding to finish everything in one day, they stay till late in the night. As time passes by each of the characters is influenced, in a different way, by the events in the station and the accumulated fatigue.